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Manual Medicine For


Lasting Pain Relief

Specializing in Chronic Pain and Difficult Symptoms  

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

We utilize the healing touch of Counterstrain in all of our physical therapy sessions. In a medical model where physical therapy has become reliant on quantity, our focus is on treatment quality. 

Fascial Counterstrain cranial scan for Physical Therapy
Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the result of accumulation of dysfunctions that are being incorrectly diagnosed and addressed. With Counterstrain, we'll pinpoint your problems and gently alleviate them through manual medicine.

Sports Performance

Optimal performance on the field or court requires optimal function of the tissues in the body down to the cellular level. With Counterstrain treatments you'll recover faster, prevent injuries, and perform optimally.

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We are a Jones Institute Certified Counterstrain Clinic!

For Health Care Professionals and Inquiring Minds

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A physiological rationale for the Counterstrain treatment model is presented in this paper by Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI that incorporates concepts of central processing and the science of fascia.

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