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By appointment only



350 Broadway Street #50

Boulder CO 80301

Counterstrain Boulder was started in 2016 and quickly grew over 2 years. Sadly, in 2018, we moved back home to Encinitas, California where we started Counterstrain San Diego. 

However, Kyle Kusunose continues to make 5-7 day trips back to Boulder every 6-8 weeks to provide wellness treatments for his past patients and get new patients started on their Counterstrain journey towards pain relief, and improved health and function. 

Chances are you're reading this because 1.. you're in pain, and 2... one of your friends or family members told you about Counterstrain and how much relief it has provided them. 

While Counterstrian is truly an amazing form of manual medicine, due to the special circumstances surrounding each trip to Boulder, it should be discussed which of you are the most appropriate, and most likely to experience the amazing changes that Counterstrain can provide. 


The ideal patient is someone that:

- Is in chronic pain (pain that has lasted greater than a few months)

- Is chronically ill: organ complaints, stomach pains, digestive issues

- Has an idiopathic condition (symptoms of an unknown origin)

It is also helpful if you have previously attempted other forms of conservative treatment which helped, but achieved little to no lasting relief like: 


- Physical Therapy

- Acupuncture

- Chiropractics 

- Massage


This is important because while your previous clinicians weren't able to get rid of your pain, they did eliminate lower level dysfunctions that we won't have to. This will allow us to work quicker and get to the root of your problems faster. Most of our patients have tried multiple other treatment interventions before experiencing Counterstrain.  

The human body is a wonderful and amazing thing that has the innate ability to heal, recover, and restore. Some patients will experience immediate changes and relief. Depending on the condition, other patients may experience less dramatic immediate changes but, will experience positive changes over the following months as the body adjusts to normalized function of the nervous and vascular systems. 


Counterstrain gets rid of the dysfunctions that are preventing the body from healing and functioning normally. As a result, many studies have shown that the best objective results from conservative therapies are recorded 6 months after treatments have concluded. This is due to the body continuing to heal itself even after the treatment is over. 

If you are a new patient, we would strongly suggest scheduling 2 visits with Kyle during his trip to Boulder in order to optimize your results. In order to make the most of your time with him, please fill out the new patient paper work which can be found at the top of the page, or in the Patient Center under First Visit, and email it to prior to your appointment.

For more information on Counterstrain and each system of the body that we treat, please refer to the Counterstrain link in the menu bar. Thank you for visiting our site, for your interest in Counterstrain, and for the opportunity to help the Denver/Boulder community with this amazing technique! 

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