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Chronic and Stubborn Pain

Through Counterstrain, we have been successful at helping our patients with even the most stubborn pain and symptoms. A large percentage of our patients have chronic complaints that no other health professional has been able to help. In some ways, our perfect patient has already tried physical therapy, chiropractics, acupuncture, massage, and countless other modalities that have failed to provide the desired relief. As a result, that pain that is blamed on pathology, disease, weakness, lifestyle, and mental status. The solution... injections, surgery, daily completion of exercises, or bi-weekly manipulations. 

With Counterstrain we are able to diagnose and treat the root of the problem by turning off the neuromuscular dysfunctions that are keeping muscles in a state of spasm, restricting blood flow, and sending inappropriate messages to the brain through the nervous system.


A dysfunction is a reflex of the receptors in the body that is stuck on and won't deactivate. Let's give a quick example of receptor reflex... Remember when the doctor uses that little hammer to check your reflexes? They tap the patellar tendon just below the knee and the leg kicks out. This occurs through excitement of the muscle spindle in the quadriceps. The quadriceps contract, your leg kicks, the quadriceps relax, your legs swings back down. 

But what if your quadriceps muscle never relaxed? What if it stayed in that contracted/activated state? Imagine walking, running, getting out of a chair, or playing sports with your leg like that. What would it eventually do to your knee or your hip? 

Over time these dysfunctions add up and create poor movement patterns that irritate our muscles, tendons, cartilage, joint capsules, vessels, and visceral organs. They cause pain, degeneration, and prevent the body from being able to heal. 

So, how do we silence these dysfunctions and over active receptors. With Counterstrain! Counterstrain is an indirect technique which means instead of stretching, massaging, exercising, or mobilizing a tissue, we manually decompress that tissue using a combination of body positioning and superficial glides. By slackening the targeted tissues, we take tension of the receptors and silence the message they are relaying to the central nervous system. We are essentially hitting the re-set button, allowing the receptors to once again function normally. Once normal receptor function has been restored, pain fades away, healing can occur, and daily activities can be completed with greater ease.

Why have you not gotten better? While Counterstrain is an indirect technique, most of the interventions you have previously tried are direct techniques. This means they find barriers in the tissue, like scar tissue, and try to push and break through them. This stimulates mechanoreceptors and your body feels this massive explosion of mechanoreceptor inhibition by relaxing. However, this relaxation is temporary because there is still inflammation and tension on the pain receptors. In order to protect against pain, the body tightens back up. Indirects techniques like Counterstrain are more effective than direct techniques and have greater and longer lasting effects.


In addition to being indirect, with Counterstrain we also treat what other people don't treat. Traditional conservative medicine only acknowledges the musculoskeletal system as the reason for pain and therefore, only treats the musculoskeletal system. This paradigm is simply not true and why physical therapy and chiropractics often fail. Our body's contain multiple systems like the nervous system, visceral system, and vascular systems. Dysfunctions can occur in any one of these systems and often times all need to be treated to alleviate chronic pain. Patients with chronic pain specifically tend to be full of neural and visceral dysfunction and therefore need neural and visceral techniques.  

If you are suffering from chronic pain, we would love the opportunity to help. Please contact us when the time is right to get started on your journey toward health!

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