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Pilates is a full-body conditioning system developed in Germany during the early 1900s, named after its creator Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on a variety of themes, including core control, breath, efficiency of movement, and coordination. The full body movement therapy is low-impact, making it a safe and ideal for most populations. During Rehabilitative Pilates, the necessary modifications will be made to address each individual’s needs, while challenging each client in a holistic nature. 

Benefits Include:

Improved whole body strength and core control
Improved breathing mechanics
Improved posture and alignment
Improved mobility and flexibility
Improved coordination and balance
Improved self-esteem, mind body awareness, and full body integration


Everyone! Pilates is an excellent movement therapy for those looking to: 

Engage in a safe and low impact, whole body strengthening workout 

Challenge areas of the body that have probably been neglected! Pilates is a great form of cross-training for everyone... from weekend warriors to elite athletes


Prevent injuries, pain, and muscle atrophy. Everyone ranging from adolescent athletes to expectant mothers to elderly can benefit from Pilates assessments and rehabilitation 

Continue their rehabilitation program after being discharged from Physical Therapy



An individualized treatment program tailored to your personal needs and goals. The initial private session will include an assessment to identify postural compensations, mobility restrictions, and weaknesses. These findings will be the focus of our future sessions together, as we design your personalized movement therapy plan. 

Privates are ideal for individuals new to Pilates, those with current pain or co-morbidities, or clients who simply enjoy having the individualized attention unique to one-on-one sessions



Semi-Private/Duet Sessions offer a unique experience in the company of a friend, significant other, family member or colleague.

Consider scheduling a semi-private session if you enjoy the intimacy of individualized session with camaraderie of a team. 


Small Group Sessions/Classes

I currently do not offer classes; however, if you are interested in attending a class in the future, please contact me!

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