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Counterstrain Sports Performance

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Optimal performance on the field or court requires optimal function of the body's anatomy down to the cellular level. Muscular inhibition, decreased blood flow, tissue tension, and poor communication of the nervous system can all negatively effect your body's ability to athletically perform at a high level. With Counterstrain, we can ensure optimal function of your body!  

Rehab and Recovery

With Counterstrain we will create the ideal environment for your body to heal from injury and recover quickly after each practice and game. Without Counterstrain tears, strains, and sprains can take forever to heal and often cost the athlete half the season or more. Our techniques will get you back on the field or court in less than half the time!


Your number one skill as an athlete is availability! If you're hurt, you can't play. Normal healthy tissue is resilient and durable. Dysfunctional tissue can wear, tear, and pull under the stress of a sport. Let us keep you healthy and in the game by preventatively treating out all your dysfunctions before they cause an injury.  

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