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Sgt. Emile H.    

"I am a seasoned police officer and have been a Law Enforcement Officer for over 25 years. During a physical confrontation, I sustained a debilitating shoulder injury, for which the orthopedic surgeon swore I had to undergo surgery in order to function again in my career. I went to two prior rehabilitative places and felt that the treatment, service, and attention I got was minimal. I started to believe that there was no alternative to my injury other than the surgical procedure the surgeon had suggested. A woman in my condo referred me to Kyle saying that she had nothing but positive results with him. In a last ditch effort, I started working with Kyle Kusunose. I cannot precisely describe Counterstrain, but I felt a change from the very first day. By the end of the month, I was able to fully function as a law enforcement officer again. Kyle was professional and knew how to deal with people in a way to obtain real results. I would recommend him to any person looking to get out of pain and back to enjoying their life."

Vanessa C.

“For months I was having abdominal, hip, and low back pain. To try and figure out what was wrong with me I went to a general physician, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist with limited results. I went to a spine specialist who couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me, but wrote me a prescription for physical therapy, which led me to Kyle. Kyle was the only person who listened to all my symptoms, gave weight to each of them, and with his knowledge and expertise was the first person who helped me get to the root of my problems. His Counterstain approach to healing is unparalleled to any treatment anyone else has offered me. After my sessions I felt so much better and could move around with such greater ease. What’s more is that the results lasted, and I improved with every visit. Counterstain is extremely relaxing, and quickly yields positive results. I am thankful every day that I met Kyle because he is the only reason I was able to start recovering. I recommend Kyle and his Counterstrain approach to everyone!”

Michael F.

“A few months ago my son and I were playing and I fell very awkwardly. In doing so, I felt a very severe pain in my chest that emanated down to my left arm. For two days I was experiencing pain when I breathed at the center of my chest and numbing down my left arm. The first time I saw Kyle, without me telling him where I was feeling pain, he pinpointed the area in my chest and asked about my arm. Within what must have only been a minute, he used the appropriate Counterstrain technique which immediately alleviated the pain in my chest and brought back the full feeling in my arm. It was as if I actually felt the inflammation leaving and the blood flowing again. The worry and stress that came along with feeling pain also subsided. The treatment was amazing and I can’t believe how the pain went away immediately. I felt very lucky that I was able to meet Kyle to get the help I needed.”

Cathi M.

"I am a professional flute player with a small tear in my rotator cuff. After 2 years of living with the pain I finally sought professional help since it was interfering with my ability to perform and practice my craft. Before I met Kyle, I worked with another physical therapist but it was actually making my shoulder hurt more. I didn’t want to have surgery as the doctor had suggested. The first visit I had with Kyle was completely amazing. He used his magic technique on me and for the first time in 2 years I was actually pain free! At each visit I was astonished by the Counterstrain technique and the
pain relief I was enjoying. I would highly recommend Kyle not only because he is  clearly a master of this technique and the workings of human anatomy but because he has a gentle strength to his approach with his clients. I always looked forward to going to a session with Kyle because he is a pleasure to spend time with and each time I left feeling better than when I arrived."

Julie D.

"When I started in January, my lower back pain was so bad I couldn't stand or sit for longer than 30 minutes without laying down. Trips to the grocery store, cooking dinner, and doing the dishes were excruciatingly painful. 5 months later, after a handful of treatments with Kyle, and following his advice to eliminate foods that caused excessive inflammation, I am able to ride my bike with my husband with out pain. I am able to get through the day with hardly any pain. And, I am preparing for a 2 week vacation to Europe. All of this seemed impossible a few months ago and I was certain I wouldn't improve without major surgery. I have more energy and endurance, and I feel my actual age of 48 years old. I used to feel like I was 84. Kyle is fantastic and helped my quality of life immensely!"

Susan S.

"I was having severe pain in my jaw that started out of no where. I was unable to chew or take big bites of food, yawn, or lay on my left side with out severe pain. If I did lay on my left side, it would only take a few minutes and my jaw would completely lock up. My dentist recommended physical therapy and I was really lucky to end up with Kyle. On my first visit, he immediately started treating me with Counterstrain and I could feel relief right away. After about 6 visits the pain in my jaw is 99% improved. I have no pain or restrictions with eating or talking, and can lay on my left side again without my jaw locking up. I can feel a little bit of tightness when I yawn or open my mouth as wide as a can still but I believe that will continue to get better with time and maybe a few more treatments. I am so thankful for Kyle and his magical techniques." 

Kaja R.

“After tripping going up the stairs and landing on my chin, I developed severe pain in my left jaw which felt quite debilitating. I was unable to sleep on my left side, unable to chew some foods (bagels, crunchy foods), and unable to talk on the phone due to sensitivity within the joint. After about 4 visits with Kyle, I am able to resume normal activities, eat what I want, and live and sleep pain free. I’m very grateful for his skills and compassion.”

Nikki B.

“When I first saw Kyle, my orthopedic doctor had just informed me I had no viable alternative for my arthritic knee except surgery and a new knee. I could barely hobble and the pain when I did so was horrendous. I had seen other PT specialists and they had nothing to alleviate the pain. Then I found Kyle and his Counter Strain therapy. Seven months later, I am walking freely - no cane, no limp and no need for an orthopedic doctor, let alone a new knee. The only pain I have are occasional twinges and a rare sharp pain. Neither impedes my movement. I am walking the dog again - and enjoying life. The difference in my physical condition is literally unbelievable. I cannot recommend Kyle enough. He is unique in what he does - and what he does really works!”

Edith D.

"I have had a history of headaches for more years than I can count. This includes severe migraines for which I take medication. Over the last 2 years, I have been unable to exercises due to onset of headaches, neck and back pain. After multiple sessions of traditional PT treatments, I started seeing Kyle, and he pinpointed my car accidents from over 20 years ago as the original traumas that caused my problems. Kyle started by directly treating my head and neck with his Counterstrain techniques, releasing tension in my cranial dura. Since the first treatment, I have been able to return to normal exercise, travel, and work with no headaches. I have been thinking about Kyle a lot as I have been doing so well and believe he deserves all the credit. After years of regular severe headaches, I am completely healed. Kyle helped me a great deal and I found him to be very knowledgeable and professional and his techniques produced better results than anything else I had tried!"

Alicia M.

"I came to physical therapy with a bad knee injury that had been improperly diagnosed as “bursitis” when I had in fact torn several ligaments. Even before I had the MRI done, which would reveal that I had completely severed my ACL and torn my meniscus, Kyle was able to give an on-point diagnosis after only feeling my knee with his hands. I immediately felt at ease with Kyle, as his bedside manner is very friendly and he treats you like an old friend. Kyle knows how to do amazing things that go well beyond typical physical therapy through his knowledge and experience with Counterstrain and tender points. After only a few sessions with Kyle, my knee was making drastic improvements; decreased pain, normal ROM, and increased strength of my quad muscles all prior to surgery. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone who needs an amazing physical therapist!"

Franziska B.

"I am the owner of a Wellness social media blog and I came to PT because of intense pain in my neck and shoulder which started when I had my twin babies 10
months ago. I’ve had the pain before in my life whenever I went through stressful times or worked on the computer long hours. I had seen about 4 different PTs for it, never with any lasting success. I had tried massages, acupuncture, stretching, Jacobson, nothing really helped. After each treatment with Kyle and the application of Counterstrain I felt an immediate relief from pain. He worked on my fascia, and the muscles and pain in my neck felt relaxed afterwards. 
I wish I had visited Kyle before and if he hadn’t moved from Miami I’d still be going to see him. I fully recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing!"

Lisa C.

"I was experiencing numbness on the side of my face and jaw that I would get during various activities, the most common was while I was driving. Additionally, I had TMJ pain and difficulty chewing and talking for long periods of time. After 4 visits with Kyle, the numbness is completely gone. Additionally my neck and jaw, which weren't even my main complaints, feel so much better. After quickly getting rid of those symptoms, I also brought up my knee pain and history of baker's cysts. Kyle also treated that with Counterstrain and within just a couple of visits my knee was feeling much better and the lump behind my knee was gone. I have been truly amazed by the results I've experienced with Counterstrain and would highly recommend being treated by this technique!" 

Michelle H.

"I woke up one morning and started feeling the sensation of numbness in my chin and tongue. This sensation persisted for long enough that I ended up seeing a Doctor. I underwent test for all sorts of disease and cancer and everything came back negative. Eventually, the Doctors told me there was nothing they could do, that it was all in my head, and prescribed anti-depressants. After that, I was lucky enough to see Kyle. He started treating my jaw with Counterstrain right away, targeting the lymphatic system to get things draining. I just finished my 8th, 30 minute visit of treatment and I have not had any numbness in my chin or tongue in the last 3 weeks. I am so relieved that Kyle was able to get that annoying sensation to go away. I really believe that there is no one else that can do what he can do." 

Nancy V.

“Kyle is a gem. I am so fortunate to have found him. I had a bulging disc in my back that since seeing him is no longer a problem. He has also been able to get rid of the bursitis and associated pain in my shoulder. His techniques for the viscera have even given me amazing relief from my chronic gastroparesis. I still have some chronic issues, but the Counterstrain treatments have taken so much of the pain out of these ongoing conditions that it makes life so much more livable again.”

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